About Us

Community Pathology Associates was created by Baylor College of Medicine over 25 years ago and operates as a private practice within the College’s Department of Pathology & Immunology. We serve over 50 facilities in the greater Houston area and throughout the State of Texas. We have 36 pathologists on staff; many of them have subspecialty training in areas such as orthopedic, dermatopathology, hematopathology, cytopathology, breast, gastrointestinal and ENT. Our affiliation with Baylor College of Medicine allows us to have streamlined access to specialists in many other subspecialty fields. Our client services, quality management, and IT teams along with our billing service work together to provide exceptional high quality pathology services to our patients and clients. Our CLIA certified labs are equipped with cutting edge technologies and highly trained staff to provide rapid turnaround times that provide accurate and reliable results to our clients and their patients.

Mission Statement

Community Pathology Associates’ mission is to provide the highest quality, cost effective pathology services to community hospitals, surgery centers, physicians and their patients while supporting the mission of Baylor College of Medicine.

Vision Statement

Community Pathology Associates will continually improve our pathology services while cultivating an environment that values collaboration and communication.  In turn, this environment will promote and foster a culture that supports and establishes partnerships that will enhance our long-lasting commitment for excellence.

Values Statement

Community Pathology Associates will achieve its mission and vision guided by core values; Integrity, Compassion, Respect, Innovation and Stewardship of Resources.  These values are the strength and character of the practice as we strive to reflect them in all of our activities.

Standards of Behavior

Community Pathology Associates expects all individuals within the practice – staff, pathologists, contract workers and vendors – to behave in a manner with the Mission, Vision and Values of the practice in mind.